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We combine vast ethical hacking experience with an understanding of business processes in order to devise optimal strategies for securing our customers’ assets. Our independence from outside interest allows us to recommend what our customers need, rather than what benefits us. With experience using the myriad of techniques listed below, our primary focus is always protecting the most critical aspects of your company by strengthening your infrastructure against modern threats.
We offer tiered infrastructure security assessments including:
  • network architecture review
  • configuration assessments
  • system hardening
  • vulnerability assessment
  • penetration testing
  • defense-in-depth strategy
  • insider threat assessment
  • rouge device identification
Policy? We can still help:
  • security policy review
  • security policy development
  • long-term security planning
  • policy testing (social engineering)

Learn more about the tiers of our infrastructure assessments here...
CASE STUDY: Exploiting Routers
ISE researchers discovered critical security vulnerabilities in numerous small office/home office (SOHO) routers and wireless access points. These vulnerabilities allows a remote attacker to take full control of the router's configuration settings; some allow a local attacker to bypass authentication directly and take control. This control allows an attacker to intercept and modify network traffic as it enters and leaves the network.
CASE STUDY: Exploiting Online Games
ISE and outside researchers discovered an exploit for Second Life that grants control of one character to a malicious character. This allows the adversary to perform actions that may have real-world consequences such as stealing the in-game currency known as Linden dollars, or controlling the player's machine.
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