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Through ethical hacking, academic research, and education, our analysts not only understand the latest threats and defenses, but help shape the security designs of our industry. Our understanding of the adversary and the anatomy of real world attacks breathe a quality into our work that is unmatched.
We offer tiered design/implementation level security assessments:
  • security documentation review
  • source code assessment
  • penetration testing
  • vulnerability assessment
  • automated fuzzing
  • protocol analysis
  • cryptanalysis
Not your product? We can still help:
  • black-box security assessment
  • reverse engineering
  • digital rights management analysis
  • malware analysis

Learn more about the tiers of our application assessments here...
CASE STUDY: HTTPS Vulnerabilities
ISE identified 21 (70% of sites tested) financial, healthcare, insurance and utility account sites that failed to forbid browsers from storing cached content on disk, and as a result, after visiting these sites, unencrypted sensitive content is left behind on end-users' machines.
CASE STUDY: Exploiting the iPhone
ISE security researchers successfully discovered a vulnerability in the iPhone, developed a toolchain for working with the iPhone's architecture (which also includes some tools from the #iphone-dev community), and created a proof-of-concept exploit capable of delivering files from the user's iPhone to a remote attacker.
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