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ISE is an independent security firm in Baltimore, Maryland dedicated to aggressive defense strategies through advanced science. Our elite team of analysts and developers use scientific approaches to improve our clients’ overall security posture, protect digital assets, harden existing technologies, secure infrastructures, and work with development teams to ensure product security before deployment.

Our adversary-centric perspective allows us to understand not only the actions of threat actors, but to understand their mindset as well. Although our relationship with these nefarious elements is distant, it is also intimate: we interact with them regularly and bridge that distance by a passionate desire to understand them. Adopting their perspective in our own assessments allows us to identify future attack vectors, and prepare for them. The attacks are inevitable, but can be defeated with the right methodologies, the right defenses, and the right perspective.
Stephen Bono
Since he formed ISE in 2005, Bono has grown the Baltimore-based company into a cyber-threat mitigation and solutions entity widely recognized for its thought leadership, excellence, integrity, and dedication to its clients.

Bono’s unique approach has defined a proprietary methodology that attracts and utilizes a team of leading scientists, academics, and experts who specialize in the mindset of hackers. "You need to think like an attacker to defend against him. And furthermore, we endeavor to understand the business process surrounding our clients' assets; to develop mitigation strategies that promote business continuity, save costs, and still get them secure as fast as possible. Know your enemy; know yourself."

Bono has also incubated a powerful research division within ISE, making it one of the few companies to execute technology security evaluation while simultaneously forwarding the state of the art in new attacks and attack defenses. ISE’s involvement in the research community helps our team anticipate threats to our clients' assets, and allows us to provide cutting-edge modern mitigation strategies.
Ted Harrington
Ted Harrington drives thought leadership initiatives for Independent Security Evaluators, where he is a sought-after speaker, presenting at high-profile conferences in a range of industries, including media & entertainment, hospitality, finance and others. Mr. Harrington was recently named 40 Under 40, where he was both one of the youngest inductees in the class as well as the only honoree from the field of information security. He is one of the organizers of IoT Village, the popular new hacking concept focused on connected devices, as well as an organizer of SOHOpelessly Broken, the first ever router hacking contest at esteemed security conference DEF CON. Mr. Harrington holds several special appointments, including to the California Governor’s Cyber Security Task Force, University of Southern California (Entertainment Technology Center, Project Cloud Security Team), HTNG Door Lock Security Working Group (Co-Chair), Cyber California, and several others. He holds a bachelors degree from Georgetown University.
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